The Cassation Appeals
Friday, May 31st, 2024

In this book, Mr Bruno Maes and Mr Fabrice Mourlon Beernaert, two LMBD partners, together with other eminent authors from different professional groups, approach the cassation appeal in civil cases (including social cases), in criminal cases, in disciplinary cases and in administrative cases, both theoretically and practically.

The many aspects involved in preparing, lodging, hearing and deciding a cassation appeal, including its consequences, are described in this work by magistrates of the Court, members of the public prosecution service, of the State Council, professors, lawyers of the Court of Cassation and lawyers with appropriate experience.

As a result, this book constitutes an indispensable working tool for all those who show an interest in this extraordinary and, in various ways, exceptional judicial remedy. The foreword was written by Mr André Henkes, Attorney General (honorary) at the Court of Cassation. Ms Beatrijs Deconinck, first President (honorary) of the Court of Cassation, provided the general conclusion.

This reference work is published in Dutch and French by Larcier Intersentia and is available both in print and digitally. More information at