If you have been found wrong by the court of last instance, usually on appeal, you can consider appealing before the Supreme Court (Hof van Cassatie / Cour de Cassation).

In civil matters, before you can lodge a Supreme court appeal, you must seek the advice of a Supreme Court attorney. Only if such advice is positive will you be able to appeal. In that case, you can count on our assistance during the entire procedure up to and including the ruling of the Supreme Court.

LMBD has a specialized team of attorneys, headed by Bruno Maes, attorney-at-law admitted at the Supreme Court since 2000 and former president of the Supreme Court Bar.

The Supreme Court does not conduct new investigations into the establishment and evidence of the facts. It can only verify whether the rules of law have been correctly applied by the court of last instance and whether the latter has given formal reasons for its decision.

For you

If you consider appealing before the Supreme Court, Bruno Maes and his team can provide you with advice on the chances of such appeal not only in civil/commercial matters in a broad sense (private law, civil procedural law, corporate law, liability and insurance law, labor and social law, competition law, health law, public law and disciplinary matters), but also in tax matters.

Once you have received a Supreme Court petition, you can contact us for preparing a reply by means of a ‘memorandum of reply’, in which we will try to challenge the opposing party’s arguments.

Our Supreme Court team also specialises in drafting and filing Supreme Court petitions and memoranda of reply in criminal cases.

Bruno Maes and his team are also at your (and your attorney’s) disposal to assist you when drafting summary pleadings before the judge of the facts, in view of (possibly) filing an appeal before the Supreme Court at a later stage, or in view of the legal proceedings before the judge of referral after cassation.

If you have received a negative opinion from another Supreme Court attorney, you can call on Bruno Maes and his team to obtain a ‘second opinion’ at short notice. 

Our success depends on growing and continuously earning their satisfaction and trust.